Privileges of Eternal Snow Carstensz Peak, Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua

Privileges of Eternal Snow Carstensz Peak, Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua

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Carstensz Peak – The Benefits of Living Near Carstensz Peak, in the Jayawijaya Mountains of Papua New Guinea.

The vast Jayawijaya Mountains in Papua are home to Indonesia’s highest elevations. Province of Papua to Papua New Guinea is home to a mountain that rises some 4,884 meters above sea level and is also known as Mount Carstensz Pyramid.

The view from the top of this mountain is absolutely breathtaking. Consequently, the Mountains bestow a great deal of benefits.

The peak that dominates both Indonesia and Australia.

Privileges of Eternal Snow Carstensz Peak, Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua

According to, this mountain’s peak is 4,884 meters above sea level, making it both Indonesia’s and Australia’s highest point. Furthermore, Mount Jaya Wijaya is the second highest mountain in Southeast Asia, behind only Myanmar’s Mount Hkakabo Razi (5,881 meters above sea level).

Name Carstensz: Its History and Meaning

The peak was given the name “Carstensz” after the Dutch sailor Jan Carstensz, who was sailing along the southern coast of the Arafura Sea in 1623, spotted it through binoculars. When Jan Carstensz first claimed to have discovered Mount Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia covered in snow, he was labeled a liar and even considered crazy. Finally, 300 years later, Jan Carstensz provided proof of it.

Has joined the seven summit club

To summit Puncak Jaya Wijaya, climbers from all over the world, not just Indonesia, need to be motivated. According to the book Seven Summits Tricks & Climbing Tips, this is because this peak is considered one of the Seven Summits, a grouping of the seven highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

However, the status of Mount Jaya Wijaya as the seventh of the world’s seven summits is still up for discussion. Why? Because Dick Bass’s original recording of the World’s Seven Summit included Mount Kosciuszko as the seventh summit.

Meanwhile, according to Reinhold’s declaration, the Papuan mountain peak Carstensz Peak occupies the seventh spot on the list of the seven summits of the world. He claimed that the ascent of Mount Jaya Wijaya was more dangerous and difficult than that of Mount Kosciusko. And finally, climbers all over the world agreed with Reinhold.

Interesting information about Mount Carstensz. Put us on edge about going up.

1. Mount Carstensz is the highest peak in Indonesia

Mount Carstensz stands tall as the highest point in all of Oceania and on the entire Australian continent. Mount Carstensz is the second highest peak in Asia, after Myanmar’s 5,881-meter-high Mount Hkakabo Razi. (Carstensz Peak)

2. Heinrich Harrer was the first person to conquer Mount Carstensz

Heinrich Harrer was the first European to summit Indonesia’s highest peak, Mount Carstensz, long before the Indonesians began their own expeditions there. In 1962, he wasn’t on his own; he was with Robert Philip Temple, Russell Kippax, and Albertus Huizenga. (Carstensz Peak)

3. Famous as one of the most expensive climbing locations in the world

There’s a good reason why so many mountaineers advise against making the journey: the entrance fee is nearly Rp. 25 million (about US$ 1,800). The high price tag was due to a number of factors, National Geographic’s Ripto Mulyono says. For example, there are a number of unresolved issues, such as the accessibility and the lack of clarity regarding the porter fees. (Carstensz Peak)

4. Must be prepared for extreme weather at the top of Cartenzs

Located 4,884 meters above sea level, reaching the summit requires additional planning. Imagine the difficulty of climbing Mounts Kerinci, Rinjani, and Semeru. Carstenszs Mountain, infamous for its perpetual snow, will test you in extraordinary ways, much like the weight of a snowfall or an ice storm. (Carstensz Peak)

5. Included in the UNESCO world heritage site

As of 1999, Mount Cartenszs and the surrounding area of Lorentz National Park have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several distinct cultures have come together to support this national park’s rich biodiversity.

It is believed that the Nduga, West Dani, Amungme, Sempan, and Asmat peoples have been living in this region for the past 30,000 years, making it the oldest continuously inhabited culture in the world. (Carstensz Peak)

6. The status of Mount Seven Summit is still often debated

This is due to the fact that Dick Bass, the man credited with creating the “Seven Summit,” counted Mount Kosciuzsko as the seventh highest mountain. Meanwhile, the Carstenszs peak is the seventh highest according to a different view.

Mount Kosciusko, which stands at an impressive 2,228 meters above sea level, is the highest point on the Australian continent, but it is technically part of the Indonesian archipelago, which is part of Asia. (Carstensz Peak)

Others, however, argue that Mount Carstensz, a mountain in Australia and Oceania, should be counted among the seven wonders of the world. (Carstensz Peak)

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